Thursday, 3 December 2015

Authentic Pastimes

Are you too busy doing the things you want to do, love to do or have to do ?

Or are you just being busy with busyness to avoid facing You ?

'Sorry, no time' - how often do we hear that ?

Often times we regret not having taken the time to listen, to be present with an individual or group

When last did you laugh out loud from the gut ?

When last did you stop and observe something really beautiful in nature ?

We are all special and all have special gifts to share with the world - have you found your gifts yet ?

Time spent alone is precious and helps to nurture the soul, get back on track and find our purpose

Time to carve out the time to do the things you really want to do, to find rewarding pastimes that fill you up, express your authenticity and in all of this, will manifest healing of the self.

Reschedule your perceived priorities and let this space become a way of life.

Invest your emotions in authentic expression and not specific outcomes.


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