Saturday, 5 December 2015

Abundance is a boundless world !

It should be led by Joy – The whole point of Being !

We all have a Universal banking account + when we have faith + become congruent with 

something in terms of what we think, say + do, our physical accounts will soon be mirroring 

same – Yes ! 

Abundance should encompass all things, including –

·         Love – first of Self, then of all living things - Without Love, your Life echoes emptiness

·         Laughter – Laughter is energizing + good for the cells

·         Fun – at home + at work – Fun enables perspective

·         Balance - When this is out of kilter, our awareness dissipates + could blind us to opportunity

·         Good Health – You can have it all, but without good health you have nothing

·         Prosperity – Every human being has the right to Prosperity

·         Spirituality or Religiosity – a key element – It helps to Ground us

·         Gratitude – for All we have and Are – All we have is all we need

·         Right Thinking – Positive thoughts of Abundance should be uppermost in our Subconscious Mind

The List goes on …

Surely then, we need the space to allow Abundance in ?

Time for Reflection + Resolution !

Time to clear out all the Clutter !

How do we do this ? - Always start in the Mind

·         Clear the mind regularly of Negative Thoughts

·         Let go of things that no longer Serve you – Pass them on

Now apply the Power of Visualization –

·         Dream it 

·         See it 

·         Believe it 

·         Trust it 

·         Surrender it 

·         Have faith

Manifesting Abundance in all things is our Human Right !

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