Monday, 7 December 2015

Bam goes the stamp of judgement !

We all have an infinitesimal wall with zillions of drawers - we look, we see, we feel and then in a second 'Bam' goes the stamp of judgement and we file them in one of our drawers forever - or we may choose to revisit them and reconsider our judgement.

We label, we judge - that’s how we’re wired, if we choose.

For example, ‘A sensitive man’ could be harshly judged – Sensitivity does not subtract from masculinity, but adds to it - Fact !

Someone’s Status - Divorced, Married, Spinster, Single, Widowed, Bachelor ? – 

Which drawer would you put them in ?

More drawers to consider ? - amputee, paraplegic, autistic, depressive, fun loving, sincere, kind, caring, ballet dancer, dancer, author, gay, artist, has cancer, Prof, Doctor, Actor, Celebrity,drives a fancy car, scholar, beautiful, dyslexic, mentally retarded, auto immune disease, serial killer, bi-polar, murderer, terrorist, generous, wealthy, ugly, pretty, fat, thin, voluptuous, violent, alien, foreign, naive, old, aggressive, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, religious, spiritual, black, Indian, Asian, African.

Every human being we encounter reflects a part of us we either like, dislike or resonate with.

We either accept, embrace, forgive, condone or we put them in a drawer.

Animals have it whacked it with their stance of unconditional love – they have much to teach the human race.

When we judge, we are judging ourselves. We come either from a place of love, compassion, anger or fear – the Ego is usually the driver.

Can we change our minds before the ‘bam’ stamp of judgment ? 

by Heather de Wit


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