Saturday, 13 February 2016

That Branding word

By Heather de Wit – Founder of INSPIRING SOUTH AFRICANS

Self-Image – Identity > BRAND

We need to take a step back from time to time and ask ourselves whether we are truly living our Brand as an individual or as a collective brand / Business / Organization. 

  • What messages are we sending ‘out there’ ?
  • What are we trying to achieve ?
  •  Who is our target audience and are they effectively ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ us ?
  • Is what we are doing in our marketing endeavors working … or not ?


How do we choose the most effective tool to market ourselves as a Brand ?  

Seeing what’s hot and what’s not – Trends shift and come and go at an alarming pace and if we don’t observe and take positive action on those that are working, we could get left behind.

Resist all you like, but consistent marketing of intelligent content on the Social Media is key to staying ahead of the pack and keeping your presence as an Individual or as a Business alive and thriving.


The human condition is defined as 'the characteristics, key events and situations, which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict and mortality.'

We are all in the process of transcending into something else all the time – moving constantly from one space to another, mentally in our heads and physically in our bodies.  We produce new cells in our bodies every few months - So that every few months we become ‘in matter’ something else entirely.

The same applies in principle to Business – always moving and seeking which best business practices, marketing ideas, concepts and technology are best to implement to achieve our goals and to win and succeed.


Smart and honest marketing, which fully expresses your values, your message, true essence and principles, will convert and change the minds of prospects into buyers. 

Much can be ‘said’ and expressed in pictures – Pictures are a powerful medium to get your message across and out there – enables simple resonance across language and age. 

Mainstream businesses, educational institutions, online training and Non Profits, across genres, are embracing and utilizing Animated film and 2D 3D et al Film Ads to tell their story.

What are you doing to get You or your Business out there ?


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