Monday, 8 February 2016

The lure of Fantasy

By Heather de Wit – Founder of INSPIRING SOUTH AFRICANS

As a curious human being, I don’t believe everything I hear and read, but the realm of fantasy is something that can make or break you, if you don’t dig deep and unpack what you are perceiving is your reality.


Let’s look at fantasy, dreams and reality - How do we differentiate between them > When our heart rules ? or > When our head rules ? – Which one do we believe ?.  I believe there is a fine line between fantasy, dreams and reality, but that is my perception.


Fantasy is powerful – it pulls you in via TV, the Media, film, especially animated film, the Internet and all it represents and so on. 

What really pulls us in ? - Mind Control, which is nothing new and which has been practised for centuries and comes in many guises and talks of how ‘they’ lure you in so slickly. It just is what it is – Controlling the mind with fancy jargon, expectations, promises, hope and we get lured in either by the heart or by the head. 

Get rich quick and MLM schemes are one example – they pull you into the fantasy, hook you in with the same jargon – ‘We’re in … countries’  ‘Our top leader made … in … months. ‘We give back to …’  

All same same – I’ve been there, done that, worn the Tshirt and it did not work for me. Intrinsically, intuitively and in principle, I knew it was not me, not what I wanted to do, not what I believed in, but I got addicted to the jargon, the promises, the hope. I had to learn that first and when I eventually ‘got it’, I walked away from anything that smacks of it many years ago - for life !


A peep into some of my dreams and visions since I was a child.

As an avid and imaginative dreamer, while ‘asleep’ – for many years now, I’ve traveled to countries and places I’ve never been to in my lifetime – Astral traveling ? – I knew them, felt them, sensed the smells there - that déjà vu thing – What is that ?. I have my inner knowing of it and I do enjoy the ride and forgot to say - it has saved me a small fortune in airfares and other expenses !

I often experience what I call 'my black and white slide show' – flashes, in quick succession, of faces of departed people, visuals of animals and birds from decades, even centuries ago – Always in black and white, no colour – Past lives ? They won’t stop until I switch them off. I ‘knew’ them all well – So what was that ? - I have my inner knowing of it and I embrace the messages I get with gusto.

This one visits me often – a gorgeous lady singer, done up and dusted, perched on a stool, donning a glittering headband, complete with feathers, weaving a very long cigarette holder – in a smoky speakeasy during the prohibition era – about to burst into song – Jazz of course ! Who is she ? I’ve been there, I know her, I feel she a part of me. What is that ? I have my inner knowing here too, so I choose to simply enjoy and embrace her visits and enjoy the music !

All this in the realms of my dreamworld, which no one has privy to, unless I choose to share them.  The curious being that I am, I always try to write them down, as I remember them and to unpack them, to find my special message or lesson – I always seem to find one or a few, which alerts me to what needs to be done … or undone …


Let’s go back to our first love – we should all have one, but not conforming to the norm and not believing everything I hear, I believe we can have many first loves. Remember the butterflies, the excitement, the high, the expectations, the hope - which, once experienced, we forever yearn to feel again – to experience that ‘high’ again.

So who was in charge of that First Love ? Was it the heart or the head ? And – was it just a fantasy – our fantasy – of a perfect experience between two people, with boundless possibilities for a ‘happily ever after’ ?


As a child, around 5 or 6, I used to build what we called 'fairy glens' in a hidden part of the garden - make the fairies mud pies, pick flowers for them, give them cookies, all sorts - I swear I saw them early in the morning when I went to see if they had taken the pickings and every time, without fail, all the goodies had disappeared. What was that ? - Well Mom or Dad could have ? or ... ? - My knowing said what I saw was real and I loved believing that.

One of my favorite movies of all times  is FairyTale : A true Story - which I have watched time and again and never tire of it - My assumption - I fully believe those little girls ...


I have had a few visitations from Aliens - I saw them, I sketched them - What was that ? - I knew them, they knew me. The one was negative and it rattled me and I did not like their energy. My knowing knew why they came - why they were attracted to me and so I had to do the necessary process to detach them from my auric field. 


No matter what cards we get dealt in life, dream, fantasy or reality, we do get to choose how we will respond internally. 

We can choose to resist or resent them, either bemoaning our fate, or we can face and embrace them - Expanding in the moment to possibility, to the now, the present moment, which is all there is.

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