Who is Heather ?

Inspiring South Africans

Says Heather - 

"I had the 'knowing' of my Purpose in my 20's .. and 'Knowing' said - 

'Heather here is what you need to know ... 

>Learn all you can about many things and explore your creative gifts 

>Learn to like first - then to love yourself - well that took a long time ... 

>Be an inspiration to yourself and to others 

>Be conscious always of your ability to serve - yourself first and then others 

>Make a difference on the planet 

>Leave your mark ... and all for the greater good' "

"I heard 'knowing' then -  says Heather - "but life got in the way and I went on some interesting  journeys. But 'knowing' always called me back, the tug, the yearning - To go back to what I intrinsically knew back then ...

To do what I was born to do - To live life from the soul and to do what I love in all things !

To consolidate all my studies over the years on philosophical things, ancient discoveries and teachings and all things related to the truth, the healing of the mind, body, spirit and the planet and to get my point of view out into the world in whatever form and most importantly to strive always to be authentic in all things !

We can be whomever we choose and we can change who we are every second - What a gift !

The Universe is advancing at such a fast pace with science, technology and the internet and we can choose to either get on the bus, or to lose. 

I resisted technology at first, as a stuck 'baby boomer', but now I choose to embrace it intelligently as my teacher - my employee.

Onwards and upwards on this journey called Life and thoroughly enjoying my journey as a Global Podcast Host and Entrepreneur, Singer, Artist, Writer and as the proud Founder of Inspiring South Africans  "

Heather - The Writer


"I believe we are all born Artists, with innate creative genius, whether we are painters, teachers, sculptors, writers, poets, dancers, actors, producers, photographers ...

We are Creators in essence of any artistic genre in whatever form.

I believe that all people in The Arts as I perceive it, have a huge gift to offer the world. That they should take the time to honor their gifts, without shame or guilt of monetizing them.

I have been writing poetry, songs and inspirational content for years - It fills me up.


I have written a Book/Course/Workshop/EBook/AudioBook called 'INspired LIVING' but it hasn't called my name yet for further action, as every moment more information comes to me and I realize I will have to rewrite and tweak certain of the context. 

 That I did it is enough ... And so it is for now ...

Enjoy some of my Poetry and Creative writing here ! "

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