INspiring South Africans

Inspiring South Africans


Inspiring South Africans  (I.S.A.)  was founded by Heather de Wit.

 A beautiful space to find inspiration !

I.S.A. Motto :

Focused on Positive stories and Possibility
Sharing Greatness with the World
Honoring one another and our Work

Says Heather : "I was 'called' to create Inspiring South Africans and know this is part of my life's purpose and yes it is bigger than I ... "

Africa is the solar plexus of the planet Earth and it need to heal before the planet can move on and it's up to the people !
In addition, it was created to honor the belated and beloved Nelson Mandela.  

 To keep his legacy and dream for South Africa alive and to propel it forward in some way with fine examples of what can be, through the creation of the  I.S.A. Tribe.

The world needs more stories of goodness and kindness to mobilize people into possibility and positive action and the Podcasts  are where you'll find them !

The I.S.A. Global Tribe is carefully selected from a global mosaic of Individuals, like-minded Groups with common vision and Organizations. 

They're all 'doing it' with purpose and are focused on serving the People and all Living Things on the Planet - Yes !



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