INspired Poetry

The Wonder of Clouds

By Heather de Wit

Clouds are a thing of beauty

Mesmerizing, drawing you in

To a space of joy, of peace, of awe

A knowingness of sorts


Shape-shifting in every moment

Possibility lies here

Ever changing, just as life is

Unique in every form 

Reflected on the ocean 

Reflected on the shore 

A space to play is found here 

To lay, to fall, to ride 

Shapes of sheer magnificence 

Cushions of ultimate love 

Soft places in abundance 

Surely wonder opens channels ? 


Forests of Fortitude

by Heather de Wit

Eyes cast up

And dizzy with awe

As I lay on a bed of nature

Great avenues of trees pull me in

The whistling wind speaks 

I am held

By a force greater than I

A gentle breeze

The chirping birds

And nothingness

I become a tree  - I am a tree

In all it’s majestic splendor

Just to be

Be a tree

A glorious notion indeed 


Star Gazing

By Heather de Wit

Delight - a different sky awaits

Have you seen the stars tonight?

The Milky Way, Orion’s Belt

Which star calls my name tonight?

A kaleidoscope of mystery

Intrigue personified

What wisdom can you offer

Oh canvass of infinite beauty ?

Each star another planet ?

If so hello, who lives there ?

And do we look the same ?

Just for now I‘ll continue gazing

Which star belongs to me ? 



I am not my shoes ...

by Heather de Wit

‘Fore I eat or pay them bills

Just gotta have them shoes

Hello shoes, do you have a name ?

How do you make me feel? 

Bolder - greater - more than ?

Do you define who I really am ?

Rocked them in the 70’s

‘Fore I e’en knew my name

Now I know and I have a voice

And barefoot is my choice 




by Heather de Wit

Sitting in solitude

Looking for fortitude

About to give up

Till I looked up

Where many were seated

Looking lost and defeated

Each one has a question 

Awaiting an answer

Expecting reaction

To prove they're a something

What is each man

If not a hu-man

Looking to others

For some sort of emotion

To create an aura

Of some sought after mystery … 



Stop ... breathe ... listen ...

by Heather de Wit

For the silence

Inbetween ... the Words ... the lines ...

The crashing of the waves … 

The whistling of the wind ...

The chirping of the birds ...

The barking of the dogs ...

The notes in the music ...

The phrases in the music  ... 

The humdrum that is everyday life ...

And  when you hear and feel it …

This, this essence of the present moment …

Surely then, this is the Power of  Now …

And Now is all there is - Seize it  ! 


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