Friday, 8 January 2016

Presence through Birdsongs

'Serenity Birds' - Watercolour by Heather de Wit

A totally natural wake up call.

Birdsong has got to be one of the most powerful equalizers in nature, where everything dwells.  The sound can take you to another place and space … or not.

In all the different parts of the world we have so many different species of these magnificent melody makers to move us – and within each species there are many different varieties - on the ground, in the trees or in full flight – from seagulls, doves, owls, sugarbirds, ha-di-da’s, Egyptian geese, sparrows, crows, eagles, cormorants, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl to peacocks and so on.

I love tuning in and talking to the birds and always wonder what they are saying to one another and whether they ‘know’ what I am saying to them … they can pull you in, can change your mood, wake you up to possibilities … or not. To either start the day with joy, fear, anger or other … ? – I choose joy …

If we take the time to stop, breathe and really listen to the magic of birdsongs, to observe them while they sing and twitter, we can shift into another reality … Tune in the next time you hear the birdsong melodies – boundless possibilities abide there …


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