Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What's the buzz around Podcasts ?

Technology is advancing at such a fast pace, that keeping up to speed with time effective marketing tools that really work is key. Additional creative marketing platforms are constantly being sought. A trend growing fast globally is the use of Podcasts.

What is a Podcast ?

An online pre-recorded conversation, with one or many, which can be marketed effectively on the Social Media and linked to Websites or Blogs etc. 

Podcasts are a fairly new trend and growing fast. They are an effective adjunct marketing tool to tell your story and promote yourself, your Group or Organization.

Why use Podcasts ?

  • They are time effective - can be for any duration of time – from a few minutes to a lengthier conversation
  • They’re different, have great impact, are more personal
  • Hearing is Believing
  • An attention grabber
  • Enable you to listen to voice at your leisure on any device and develop a relationship with that person, engaging them on a level that is simply not possible with a static text
  • Enables your voice to resonate on a subliminal level
  • Static text is easy to ignore and, at best, only gives readers the vaguest notion of what you, your Group or Organization really values

Some great Podcast uses :

  • Showcasing your Business and Products
  • Distance Learning
  • Media Interviews
  • Book Launches
  • Movie & Documentary Launches
  • CD/DVD Launches
  • Events

Some Facts :

  • Google loves Podcasts.
  • It is predicted that there will be an enormous increase in the use of Podcasts over the next few years. 
  • ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective.

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Liz Eglington said...

Wonderful idea! There is energy in a voice that cannot be transmitted by static word, so this is a very clever way to use the technology that is there for our use. Clever Heather!