Thursday, 10 December 2015

Rewriting the script of our lives

We were all born with Free Will & Responsible Choice – What a glorious thought !

But using these notions depends entirely on our desire to embrace change.

So once we become more aware, conscious, authentic, in touch with our souls, we can rewrite our script again & again - Delicious !

We can have many lives on earth. We are all spiritual beings living a human life on our planet earth school, hopefully learning as many lessons as we can along the way.

We all have stories, histories, tragedies & many are living robotic lives, unconsciously going about their daily lives, according to the belief systems they were assigned by ‘them’. 

And who were ‘they' ?

‘They’ could have been society, culture, peers, teachers, family, who all dictated the way we should live, how we should live, where we should live, how we should dress, what we should eat, what vocation we should follow, what partners we should choose. 

When we become more consciously aware, there is always that tug, that yearning that comes from the gut, that intrinsically knows who we are & what we really, really want in our lives.

It takes courage, conviction & perseverance to keep on rewriting the script, that is if you have the desire  to do so.

What do you choose ?

Going within is a good place to start ... 

By Heather de Wit

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