Thursday, 7 January 2016

Moving thru' Music by Heather de Wit

Music is a Universal language – it can take you to the highest high or lowest low. Choosing the ‘right’ music for the mood we wish to manifest is a conscious choice.

We all move through different phases of likes and dislikes in the selection of music we ‘tune in’ to – It shifts all the time, as we move through life on our journey. 

For some of us baby boomers there are always the great ‘Classics’ and ‘oldies’ that can take us back to ‘the good ol’ times’ and for some, to some fine memories and they call our name from time to time – a joyful space to revisit and tap into.

Music vibrates, radiates, affects one on a cellular level and can mobilise you into inertia or positive action – Even prompting you to dance around the room, which I do often ! … 

Each piece of music has a different relevance, memory and reality for each listener - Cherishing the now or propelling us into joy and possibility – a powerful space and one I strive for in each moment.  

Choosing to play music we love, enables us to respond in a different way, whatever that piece of music engenders for us in the moment - Hopefully inspiring us into positive action in whatever form. 

Let the music play ! 

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